What is Malabar Tamarind?

garcinia-cambogia-colon-cleanseMalabar Tamarind is a fruit-bearing plant native to the southern portions of Asia and Asia Oceania.

Also known as Garcinia Cambogia, this member of the Garcinia genus has long been an important part of the diet of native peoples living in these regions.

Malabar Tamarind is the name usually attached to the plant by those who live in India. This fruit has been a stable in a lot of diets of natives for hundreds of years.

Recent scientific studies have suggested that the fruit contains an ingredient that may be beneficial to human health. Because of certain properties of this ingredient, those who consume malabar tamarind are generally able to control their appetite better.

Native Habitat

Malabar tamarind is found in rainforests in various regions of coastal Asia and Pacific Oceana. The plant grows at elevations from sea level to about 6,000 feet. The fruit ripens during the Pacific and Indian Ocean rain seasons, with the fruit maturing in July and August.

Those who harvest malabar tamarind store it in large bags before smoking the rinds or extracting the juice. The fruit will store well for up to two months without refrigeration so long as it is not exposed to high humidity.

Culinary Uses

The rind of the fruit has a rather strong, heady taste. It is often smoked to bring out the full flavor. The rind is then used as an ingredient in curries. It also makes a delicious paste that is used in sauces.

The rinds are usually dried in the sun for a few days, then wrapped tightly in a bag. The bag is then set over an open bed of glowing embers so that the rinds can be smoked.


The fleshy fruit of garcinia cambogia has noteworthy antibacterial properties. This makes it perfect as an ingredient in foods that must be stored without refrigeration.

People living in coastal areas of Asia and Oceana have long used the fruit as an ingredient in fish preserve mixes. The practice of using tamarind as a meat preserver is often referred to as Columbo curing.

The fruit can also be pickled and canned. The result is a delicious, sour compote that is very similar to chutney. The juice can be used as a flavoring for recipes calling for citrus additives such as lemon or lime.

Health Benefits Of Malabar Tamarind

In the 1800s, scientists accompanying exploration and mapmaking expeditions to Southeast Asia noticed that garcinia cambogia was a staple of the diet of native peoples.

These scientists noted that villagers often remarked that the addition of the fruit or rind in recipes often resulted in a filling, satisfying experience at mealtime.

More recent studies have shown that malabar tamarind contains an ingredient known as hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. The body produces citrate lyase, and this chemical aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

Laboratory experiment results show a definite inhibition of this conversion when HCA is consumed. The acid acts as a natural inhibitor, slowing the conversion process.

The body burns the carbohydrates instead, and the individual not only gains fewer fat cells, he or she also feels fuller after eating.

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In the last few years, several studies have been completed involving the effect of garcinia cambogia on mice and rats that have cancerous tumors. The results are not conclusive, but early results indicate a slowing of tumor growth.

Whether this has to do with the active ingredients in garcinia cambogia having an effect on cancer metabolism is still unknown.

Purchasing Malabar Tamarind

Buying Garcinia CambogiaThe product is sold under a variety of names, garcinia cambogia is the most commonly seen name on products sold in health food stores.

Malabar tamarind is the name commonly used for the plant in India and other regions in the southern part of Asia.

Malabar tamarind extract is taken from the rinds and fruit, mixed with inactive ingredients, and made into caplets, capsules, powder, or tablets. These are available in health food stores and online health supplement websites.

Malabar Tamarind Daily Dosage

When you are taking malabar tamarind in a supplement form. Such as a garcinia cambogia product, you need to read the label to see how much of it you should take on a daily basis. Since ingredients of products vary from supplement to supplement. One product might be more concentrated than another one.

When buying garcinia cambogia (or malabar tamarind) supplements make sure you get a product that contains at least 60% hydroxycitric acid. Any less than 60% HCA could be ineffective for weight loss.


If you buy a garcinia cambogia supplement with 60% HCA the consensus is that you should take 1000mg 2 to 3 times a day. Take 30 minutes before every meal for optimal results.  The powder form can also be mixed with juice or cooking sauces.

Side Effects

The United States Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization have recognized malabar tamarind as a food supplement rather than a drug. Therefore, no prescription is required to obtain the product.

The FDA does not list any health warnings concerning tamarind. Instead, the agency lists the product as generally safe for consumption.

When you are saying if there are side effects for malabar tamarind. You have to realize it’s a fruit just like any other fruit. It’s like saying what’s the side effects for bananas.

Since garcinia cambogia in supplement form is a high concentration of the fruit and contains a high level of hydroxycitric acid from the fruit. The only concern for consumers is the effect it may have on sugar levels. Those with diabetes may want to consult with a physician before taking the product.

Aside from the appetite suppression effectiveness and the potential for slow, steady weight loss, Malabar tamarind is not currently touted for any other major health benefit. However, those who take this food supplement on a regular basis generally report no ill effects, a noticeable drop in the overall fat buildup, and higher overall metabolism.

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