What is a Detox?

DetoxWhether you are looking to boost your energy, jump-start weight loss, or eliminate toxic buildup in the body, a detox program serves as a powerful ally on the path to better health.

With any program you choose, it is important not only to take detoxifying supplements but also to eat plenty of nutrients, which will support your body’s increased efforts to clear out toxic overload.

Your body is already equipped with an amazing elimination system and in particular, your liver and kidneys function to process toxic matter on a daily basis.

The problem with today’s environment is that people face more toxins than our bodies can typically handle, so overload and buildup can easily occur. To make matters worse, our modern diet typically offers less than the optimum amount of nutrients needed for these organs to fully and efficiently detoxify our systems.

Fortunately, there are many detoxification programs available to sustain and enhance our body’s natural capacity for balance and wellbeing. It is becoming well-known fact that for most common illnesses we can, at least to some extent, point the finger at toxic overload.

So many individuals walk around in a moderate malaise, suffering from symptoms such as headaches and exhaustion. Many are surprised to find that, as they detox and reduce further toxic exposure, these symptoms begin to dissipate and they feel much better.


Using a detox program will refresh your system and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. However, unless you simultaneously provide your body with nutritious foods and move to limit toxic exposure, your body will very soon return to a state of overload.

There are many quality programs out there including systems to target specific health concerns. The following practices comprise a basic detox program to eliminate excess waste and boost your wellbeing and immunity.

Boost Elimination
Taking cleansing supplements, such as colon cleanse, is the first key to detoxification. When you undergo detox, you must ensure that waste is moving through your body efficiently.

At least once or twice daily bowel movements are healthy and particularly important for anyone on a detox plan that augments the process of toxic elimination.

Colon cleansing helps to flush your system to prevent waste from sitting in your gut, posing the risk that you will reabsorb the toxins you are currently working to purge.

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Drink Plenty of Water
Plenty of clean, filtered water will also aid in flushing your system and ushering out the toxic buildup. While on a detox program, drink anywhere from eight to ten glasses of water to support your body in smooth elimination.

Eat Healthy and Nutrient-Rich Foods
Focus on vegetables, fruits and other whole foods with nutrient-dense profiles. Research foods that are naturally detoxifying, balanced and healing and rich in antioxidants.

Avoid inflammatory substances like sugar and processed foods. It is also wise to avoid common drugs such as caffeine and alcohol while on a detox program in order to receive the most benefit.

Break a Sweat
Exercise is one of the best ways to support your body in moving toxins out of your system. When you sweat you literally release toxins through your skin. Get your circulatory system in motion and increase your body’s overall momentum for toxic elimination.

Get Plenty of Sleep
SleepingYour body is highly regenerative. While undergoing a detoxification process, you may feel sluggish and require more sleep than usual as you work harder to rid yourself of harmful toxins and restore balance.

Allow yourself plenty of rest to keep up immunity and support restorative progress in your body.

You can take advantage of your natural ability to eliminate toxins and reduce your risk of illnesses, disease, and discomforts related to toxic overload. Regular cleansing in addition to a healthy lifestyle can bring you back into balance and grant you a host of benefits including mental clarity, weight loss, and better immunity. Give your body the regular gift of detoxification and you will have the additional energy to support healthier habits overall.


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