Is a Colon Cleanse Effective For Weight Loss?

A Colon Cleanse or colonic irrigation is a naturally holistic, safe and efficient technique of eliminating impacted and putrefied waste from the body’s large intestines.

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

Today, a Colon Cleanse has become a popular weight loss regimen due to its promise of quick results. Colon cleansers come in a variety of forms including laxatives, high colonics, dietary fiber, capsules, and enemas.

The high colonic method of administering colon cleanse involves flushing large amounts of water through the intestines to rid the body of waste materials.

Most herbal colon cleansing formulas are made from herbs such as Aloes, Senna, and Cascara Sagrada. These colon cleansing ingredients work by triggering a rapid bowel movement.

Supporters of colon cleanses believe eating unhealthy foods such as sweeteners, fats, additives, and preservatives can cause your colon to store up high amounts of toxins.

Health Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

Naturally, most toxins found in the body, often stick on the walls of intestines resulting in weight gain and poor health. Although the body has its own natural mechanism of eliminating toxic chemicals and by-products from the blood using the kidney and lungs.

Cleanse Before After

Doing a natural Colon Cleanse can be very effective in cleaning away built-up toxic chemicals and waste matter to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Many health care practitioners including doctors, natural health practitioners, and nutritionists are strong advocates colon cleansing and detoxifying because it is highly beneficial in improving overall health and wellbeing.

A Colon Cleanse is also beneficial to people with conditions such as constipation, fever therapy, acute fecal impaction, hyper and hypothermia, parasitic infection, bloated stomach, Atonic colon, and colitis.

A physician may also recommend a colon cleanse to patients prior to performing a surgery or as a nutrient supplementation.

Losing Weight Using Colon Cleanse

A study has shown that people who use a Colon Cleanse can lose as much as 6 pounds immediately after taking the cleanser. The weight loss process resulting from the use of Colon Cleanse happens for several reasons.

First, a Colon Cleanse eliminates accumulated waste materials found inside the colon. The waste includes hardened and impacted waste that could weight 10 pounds or more along with some unwelcome parasites such as worms.

Colon Parasites

Certain parasites found in the body are known to cause certain food cravings which can be detrimental to your health, especially if you want to lose weight. A Colon Cleanse also helps restore the digestive system function after the colon has been cleansed.

The digestive function improves because a cleansed colon will absorb most of the nutrients found in food. For this reason, you do not have to eat as often or as much as you would otherwise do without taking a colon cleanse.

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Thirdly, a Colon Cleanse helps speed the rate of weight loss because a clean colon will always leave you feeling energized and revitalized. This situation can also stimulate the body to move; thus making it easy for the body to burn up more fat.

A revitalized and energized body will also improve air and blood circulation and help you get better sleep. If you combine your new found energy with a good exercise regimen and diet, you can quickly speed your rate of weight loss.

In spite of the many benefits of a Colon Cleanse in weight loss and wellbeing, it is very important to avoid unhealthy lifestyle in order to avoid weight gain in the long term. A good supplemental diet for your a Colon Cleanse regimen is taking fiber rich foods.

Some good examples of foods rich in fiber include cauliflower, raw berries, mangoes, carrots and raw broccoli. These foods are also great detoxifying agents.

Cleanser Colon

You should take a Colon Cleanse before meals to allow the active ingredients to work more effectively in promoting weight loss. Fasting for a few hours before taking a Colon Cleans supplement makes it easy for the body cells to shed and release toxins directly into the bloodstream.

Once the toxins are collected, they are then taken to the colon for final elimination. If you have any health concerns, it is important to consult your doctor to seek medical advice before taking Colon Cleanse.

People suffering from kidney issues, diverticulosis, internal hemorrhoids and digestive system tumors should not use colon cleansers. When taking a Colon Cleanse, make sure you follow the instructions appearing on the label.

The vast majority of people who take a Colon Cleanse enjoy the amazing health benefits and weight loss that they receive.

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