Benefits of a Colon Cleanse on Dr. Oz

There’s no denying that following a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise are two critical components to a healthy lifestyle. Though even if you eat right and get sufficient exercise, a colon cleanse can offer more remarkable health benefits. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about the powerful effects of a colon cleanse and a few tips from Dr. Oz.

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Detoxifying your Body 

One of the reasons colon cleanses are often praised is because of their ability to cleanse the bodies of toxins we encounter on a daily basis. As explained by Dr. Oz, toxins are an immensely common part of our day and come in many forms. Whether it’s through disinfectants in the air, or the mercury-ridden fish and pesticide-filled produce we consume, toxins are an all too regular part of our day.

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To combat these toxins, Dr. Oz is a firm advocate of doing a weekend cleanse to enhance the functioning of the colon, to improve digestion, and to boost your metabolism. By consuming nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, Dr. Oz explains, the body can naturally eliminate toxins.

Beginning Dr. Oz’s 48 Hour Cleanse

To achieve optimal benefits for your colon, Dr. Oz suggests eating whole foods that are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. To start Dr. Oz’s 48 hour cleanse he recommends that cleanse participants incorporate a nutritious smoothie into their diet in between meals. For breakfast, Dr. Oz advises cleanse participants to start their day with a protein-rich choice like quinoa, topped with fresh berries or prunes.


All three items are nutrient powerhouses, featuring magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, fiber, and more. Before lunch, Dr. Oz suggests drinking fresh juice to improve digestion. The ideal juice, Dr. Oz argues, will contain kale and pineapple, which both boast a plethora of digestive enzymes. To create this detoxifying juice, simply place 1/2 a cup of pineapple, one heaping bunch of stemless kale, two cucumbers, 1/4 inch of ginger, and about 1/2 cup of mint in your juicer and enjoy.

Lunch and Dinner 

For lunch, Dr. Oz encourages cleansers to have a smoothie to continue to reap digestive benefits. Simply blend up 1/2 cup of almond or coconut milk, a generous handful of frozen blueberries, a few slices of banana, one tablespoon of flax meal or chia seeds, and 1/2 a cup of ice.

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Dr. Oz states that blueberries, bananas, and both flax meal and chia seeds, are all rich in fiber and digestive enzymes, making this smoothie a truly cleansing snack. For dinner, Dr. Oz recommends enjoying a veggie-rich soup that begins with two quarts of water and is filled with onion, celery, cabbage, mushrooms, and is topped with your preferred spices and herbs.

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Clearly, there are advantages to trying Dr. Oz’s 48 hour colon cleanse. Whether you want to boost your energy levels or lose weight, incorporating this cleanse into your schedule undoubtedly allows you to kick-start your metabolism and energy, promoting a healthy approach to weight loss.

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Dr. Oz has praised both Garcinia Cambogia and colon cleanses. So if you are ready to take your life to a new level then you should give these a try. Taking this combo will give you more energy then you have ever had, plus you will aid your body in losing weight. You will not be disappointed!

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