Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

As more people try to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle, they’re beginning to look for natural ingredients to incorporate into their diet. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a common household product that offers a long list of health benefits when consumed regularly.

Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apples and obtaining the juice. Bacteria and yeast are then added to the liquid to start the fermentation process begins. When you’re looking to find relief for ailments or improve your overall well-being, there are a few benefits of using apple cider vinegar.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There is an extensive list of health benefits that come with adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. If you can get past the taste, drinking apple cider vinegar on a consistent basis will do a lot of good for your health.

Improve Heart Health – Has the ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure which will reduce the chance of heart disease.

Weight Loss Aid – Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar was found to help reduce body fat and lower serum triglyceride levels.

Increases Insulin Sensitivity – In studies it has been shown to help those with type 2 diabetes improve insulin sensitivity.

Enhances Digestion – Apple cider vinegar (with the “mother“) contains probiotics and enzymes that help to break down foods more easily.

Apple cider vinegar has many more health benefits than just the list above. Some have had success with getting rid of warts by using ACV topically. Overall, it is known to increase the immune system and ward off viruses or diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Weight Loss

One of the main advantages of consuming apple cider vinegar is weight loss as you exercise and maintain a healthy diet. It’s proven to lower blood sugar levels to keep your blood glucose level regulated to burn more fat that is stored in the body.

It can be beneficial to those who are pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with diabetes when consumed daily. It’s effective at decreasing insulin levels and improving metabolic functions to help you digest your food at a faster rate.

It can also reduce the fat storage levels by increasing the expressions of genes that are linked to liver fat storage and reduce belly fat.

Overall, apple cider vinegar can burn fat, which has been proven in studies where mice were fed fat fatty diets while also obtaining apple cider vinegar in their diet. Their overall body weight began to decrease over a 12-week period.

The ingredient can even reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing the body’s ability to absorb calcium. You’ll have stronger bones that are denser and are less susceptible to fractures with age.

The aging process is also slowed down by preventing premature aging due to its ability to create a proper acid/alkaline balance in the body. Wrinkles and sagging skin won’t develop as quickly when ACV is consumed each day.

One of the main benefits of ACV is its ability to fight free radical damage, which will fight infections that develop by killing germs while boosting the immune system. Your cell membranes, proteins, and tissues can also be protected to reduce the risk of different types of diseases.

Different Types of Apple Cider Vinegar

Although apple cider vinegar is a simple ingredient that offers many benefits, not all ACV is considered to be equal.

Some brands do not process or ferment it properly, which will affect its impact on the body. Look for apple cider vinegar that has the mother in it, which guarantees that the fermentation process was completed. There should be small particles floating at the bottom of the bottle.

Try organic brands to avoid consuming excess chemicals or toxins that may be present in the ACV.

It’s also important to look for raw vinegar to purchase a product that hasn’t been filtered or has chemicals that were added to make it look clear. Unnecessary processing of the apple cider vinegar removes key nutrients that will improve your health.

Find a brand that has unpasteurized ACV, which means that it hasn’t been heated. Pasteurized apple cider vinegar is robbed of its nutrients and healthy bacteria that develops during the fermentation process.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is often most beneficial when consuming it with every meal during the day. Although some people prefer to drink a tablespoon of ACV in the morning before their first meal, it can easy for it to cause nausea. Consider consuming it after a meal when there’s already a base of food in your stomach.

Drinking it straight can also cause burning in the esophagus. Mix one tablespoon of the vinegar in eight ounces of water and sip it through a straw. Drinking it through a straw will prevent it from coming in contact with your taste buds.

Some experts also recommend taking two tablespoons of the vinegar at night with a light snack. Taking it before bedtime will allow you to wake up with lower blood sugar levels in the morning. Taking it in the evening can also improve your quality of sleep and alleviate insomnia.

It can also be applied topically to the skin to heal warts, acne, and other types of skin ailments that are present.


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